"... two little girls ... have raised childish prattle to a fine art, lunatic and slightly threatening ..."

The fifth and final volume of The Greatest Cape, Patience and the Pirate, sees us back in the odd little town by the sea. Patience Potts and her friend Silmonella pursue pirates and fairies and get themselves into a very nasty situation, while Patience's mother Rosella has problems of her own. At the school, one tiny teacher is touched by her pupils' attentions, and another has a crisis of conscience. And on the railway, sinister events are in train (pun intended).

... there's a mysterious ship in the harbour. Oh no, not another one?

... what does Slingsby Sourdew get up to in the lavs at playtime?

... a schoolboy plans the Great Train Robbery for his classroom project ...

... two little girls find themselves in very deep water. With some sheep.

... and a couple of miles out of town, something very strange waits and watches ...


Reviews of Patience and the Pirate

"Written with a slightly lighter touch than the previous volumes, Patience and the Pirate still has the same rollicking pace and a collection of rather odd characters in a seaside town that is just like any other - just a little bit more peculiar. The two little girls who are the main protagonists have raised childish prattle to a fine art, lunatic and slightly threatening, but their good intentions land them in serious trouble at sea, while on land the best-laid plans go badly awry. Probably more suited to young readers than the previous books, this final volume is nevertheless a charming and entertaining read for children of all ages." - A.E.Hayward

"Both story and the way it is told are endearingly daft. I loved it!" - A.P.

"The writer's information says this is the last in this series and the next book will start a new set. The book is beautifully written, as always, and happily ties up various loose ends in a very satisfactory manner. The many delightful and three dimensional characters have their final adventures in the series and are left heading for the future with much promise. It is fitting that the series which began with Pert and Rosella ends with Patience their daughter. Highly recommended." - Sheddweller

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