The fourth volume of The Greatest Cape, Turnstone, continues the history of the strange little town by the sea. Pert and Rosella may have grown up and become respectable while Fenestra is enjoying a rather sad retirement among the jungle cannibals, but June and Bertronella are carrying on the family tradition of being thoroughly annoying and interfering in things that don't concern them. Even their boldness and quirky charm can't keep them out of trouble, and things get a lot worse before they get better. A LOT worse!

... who is Etherial Faun, and is her pet really a hamster?

... are those charming girls at The Emporium really going to be made homeless?

... can a small girl actually fly, and who will catch her when it all goes wrong?

... what will it take to turn the awful Mrs.Wheable into an Auntie one can be proud of?

... someone makes the town an offer it can hardly refuse, but sinister forces are at work ...

... but mermaids, really? MERMAIDS? Oh, come on ...


Reviews of Turnstone

"It was always going to be difficult to write the fourth novel of a trilogy, but this hasn't stopped David Bramhall from delivering another rollicking adventure full of entertaining incident, peculiar characters and gentle humour. The story centres round Bertronella, a decidedly odd little girl with unusual ideas about family relationships and going to school. Even her boundless confidence takes quite a knock, though, when fever and political unrest erupt, and she is seized by bleak despair ..." - A.E.Hayward
"That this is the fourth volume of a trilogy shows that the book and its wonderful collection of colourful and eccentric characters is not shackled by what is normal. Clearly the town and its inhabitants have demanded that their continuing story must be told. This volume moves a generation and June and Bertronella are the central characters. It is as wonderfully readable as the previous three volumes and beautifully written. It was published just before Christmas and solved several Christmas presents problems for me. It can be read on its own but reading its predecessors does help explain some relationships. I hope that this series will become a pentalogy, a hexalogy and beyond. Incidentally Asimov wrote the Foundation series as a trilogy and that series also refused to stop at three" - Sheddweller

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