The second volume of The Greatest Cape, The Bernadette, continues the adventures of Pert and Rosella, who may or may not be murderers, and Fenestra who has found a new way of being really annoying and is developing a peculiar relationship with her dog.

Is the Curate really married?

Why does Dilly Denticle keep smelling smoke?

And just who is the mysterious Senor Vigo di Gallidoro?

The arrival of the huge and terrifying Listeria Grubb spreads confusion and dismay, and the pirates are still convinced there's treasure to be found ... somewhere ...

Reviews of The Bernadette

"In this sequel to 'The Black Joke' David Bramhall has written another entertaining and absorbing story. Many of the colourful characters from 'The Black Joke' return older and sometimes wiser. They are joined by a cast of new characters (the dog is particularly endearing) who are as vivid and interesting as the originals. The plot is very entertaining and rattles along at a good pace. It really is hard to put this book down. Best of all, the third volume in the series will be out in time for Christmas this year. So that solves a lot of Christmas present head scratching."
"There is a strong sense of an author really getting into his stride in this second volume of the adventures of Pert, Rosella, Fenestra and their friends and enemies. As if the twists and turns of a wildly eccentric plot were not enough, Bramhall introduces a host of entertaining characters including the formidable reformed-pirate-turned-sexton Wally Sabbage and the philosophical Lurk, a disreputable dog with whom Fenestra develops an odd relationship. It's almost as though he can talk ..."

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