Before becoming a novelist David Bramhall had a long career in music, as a teacher, conductor, composer, arranger and adjudicator. He directed several outstanding choirs including the remarkable Harmony Girls' Choir, and the Suffolk Jubilee Choir, a children's choir that at its first competition took second place in the National Choir Contest at Peterborough, beating all but one of the adult choirs!

His book "Training Your Young Choir" sets out his methods - some of them quite unusual - with many musical illustrations and suggestions. Published by The Choirmaster Press, it has sold steadily all over the world and is available from Amazon.




In two volumes ("Opus 1" and "Opus 2"), this classroom textbook was written thirty years ago but the entertaining and varied topics to introduce secondary school children to the art of musical composition remain fresh and useful. Published by Boosey & Hawkes Music, they have sold all over the world, are recommended by the Canadian government and, rumour has it, have even been translated into Greek! They can be found on Amazon but it might be cheaper to go direct to the publisher's website here.